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TWO minimal

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TWO minimal is a very simple-to-play shift-puzzle with a neat-looking minimal graphic style and based on the century game and ideated by Franco De Gottardi and Sacha Robyr.

The purpose of TWO minimal is to put all tiles in order following the intuitive graphical instruction (accessible through the “?” button).

It features 3 different playing mode (basic, color and number) for a total of 34 levels.

Here some screen shots

Foto 2014-07-12 07.38.36 p.
Foto 2014-07-12 07.38.25 p.
Foto 2014-07-12 07.38.13 p.

Availability & Price

TWO minimal is out now worldwide directly downloadable from your favorite online store for
.65 / €0.82 / $1.10 / 113¥  / AU$1.18 / 1.00 CHF (Please note the price may slightly vary depending on the actual currency quote).

Enjoy TWO minimal on your Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone!

Thanks a lot for your support.


Copyright © 2014 Franco De Gottardi & Sacha Robyr