Jaggy Race!

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Supported flavors

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Jaggy Race! for PS Vita (PSM) (Discontinued by Sony)

Jaggy Race! for OUYA

Awards and Reviews

VitaPlayer_Icon Vita Player  – Top 25 PSM Games

22nd September 2014 Jaggy Race! was added to the Top 25 PSM games! Read full article.

VitaPlayer_Icon Vita Player  – RATED 9/10

21st September 2014 “This is a real gem for PlayStation Mobile – it came out of nowhere and really stands out from the crowd as being one of the best games available for PSM right now.” Read full review.

PSVitaReview_Logo PSVita Reviews  – RATED 8/10

3rd October 2014 “This is the first game of this type with 3D visuals we’ve played that runs so well and smooth.” Read full review.

Featured worldwide on Windows Phone Store

Choosed by Microsoft to be part of one Red Stripe Deals week

About Jaggy Race!

Jaggy Race! is a 2.5D speed-platform gravity racing game with a quick and reactive gameplay!

Jaggy Race! is very simple to play, but hard to master!

You just have to:
Go forth, go backwards, jump and brake

GRAVITY will do the rest!


  • 42 unique handmade tracks within 7 themed worlds
  • 9 different audio tracks
  • 6 karts to unlock
  • Best times overview for each world
  • Direct access to all worlds from the beginning
  • “Pro-Mode” to use accelerometers and get more control over your kart
  • “Wide angle” to get an easier game view
  • A lot of further fun with 70 sheep challenges!
  • Localization for German, Italian and Japanese

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at the tips & more page to get the most out of Jaggy Race!


Frame rate test tour:
Results a solid 60 FPS! (100+ FPS with VSync OFF)

Enjoy the following videos which show the actual frame rate of Jaggy Race! running on the PS Vita. 100+ FPS (VSync OFF)


Further frame rate test tour (60 FPS – VSync ON)


Check out the complete walk through of Hyper Icescape

Enjoy this video showing one complete lap for each regular track of the last 7th world Hyper Icescape running on PS Vita.



Jaggy Race! Store Screen 1

Jaggy Race! Store Screen 2

Jaggy Race! Store Screen 4

Jaggy Race! Store Screen 3

Jaggy Race! Store Screen 5

Jaggy Race! Store Screen 6

Jaggy Race! Store Screen 7

Jaggy Race! Store Screen 8


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