Jaggy Race! Social Update Details

What’s new in Jaggy Race! version 1.3.5?

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As mentioned in our last post, Social Sharing Feature is now available to the new version of Jaggy Race! You can now easily share your records with your all friend through your favorite social networks!


NEW price!

Starting from now the price is permanently cut by 33% and set to $1.99 / £1.49 / €1.99 / 200¥  / AU$1.99 / 12.50 CNY / 2.10 CHF!

Tracks unlock fixed

Game progress for each worlds is now corrected. To access next track (i.e. Twisted Pyramid 4), you have to win the actual track (Twisted Pyramid 3). And to access to bonus tracks it’s needed to get at least “3 tracks with 3 stars “or “5 tracks with (at least) 2 stars” (check the in-game help “?”).

All unlocked karts remains accessible after updating the game.

PLEASE NOTE: after updating the game all your records are still saved, even if you can’t access to the track because you skipped some previous ones (due to the unlock bug). When you sequentially unlock the necessary tracks, your record will appear again.

You played Hyper Icescape 1, 2 and 5.
After updating Jaggy Race!, you will have to play and get at least 1 star in Hyper Icescape 3 and 4 before accessing again to the 5th track and see again the record.

Minor fixes and enhancements

  • White “flash” on game end is back! (Windows version)
  • German title on start game screen is now fixed
  • Complete track name added to “win screen”
  • Facebook button added to the credits screen
  • Rate it button will appear on the main screen after a while
  • Start screen is now always shown (Windows version)