Jaggy Race! for Razer Forge TV

Jaggy Race! will be available on Razer Forge TV!


The updated version of Jaggy Race! for OUYA (v1.3.8) contains the new version of the OUYA Everywhere API that permits to be fully compatible with Razer Forge TV.


If you own Jaggy Race! on your OUYA, you’ll be able to get it on the Forge TV without re-buying it! 😉


Jaggy Race! Social Update Details

What’s new in Jaggy Race! version 1.3.5?

Share it Share Button

As mentioned in our last post, Social Sharing Feature is now available to the new version of Jaggy Race! You can now easily share your records with your all friend through your favorite social networks!


NEW price!

Starting from now the price is permanently cut by 33% and set to $1.99 / £1.49 / €1.99 / 200¥  / AU$1.99 / 12.50 CNY / 2.10 CHF!

Tracks unlock fixed

Game progress for each worlds is now corrected. To access next track (i.e. Twisted Pyramid 4), you have to win the actual track (Twisted Pyramid 3). And to access to bonus tracks it’s needed to get at least “3 tracks with 3 stars “or “5 tracks with (at least) 2 stars” (check the in-game help “?”).

All unlocked karts remains accessible after updating the game.

PLEASE NOTE: after updating the game all your records are still saved, even if you can’t access to the track because you skipped some previous ones (due to the unlock bug). When you sequentially unlock the necessary tracks, your record will appear again.

You played Hyper Icescape 1, 2 and 5.
After updating Jaggy Race!, you will have to play and get at least 1 star in Hyper Icescape 3 and 4 before accessing again to the 5th track and see again the record.

Minor fixes and enhancements

  • White “flash” on game end is back! (Windows version)
  • German title on start game screen is now fixed
  • Complete track name added to “win screen”
  • Facebook button added to the credits screen
  • Rate it button will appear on the main screen after a while
  • Start screen is now always shown (Windows version)


Jaggy Race! – Share it!

New share feature will be added soon after the Red Stripe Deals promotion in a new update of Jaggy Race! for Windows and Windows Phone version!

Share Button
Share it!

Share your scores and sheep achievements as screenshots using your favorite social networks. Let your friends know about your new records!

You will be able to share a single score like the following example

or an entire world records and relative sheep achievements

We really hope you’ll enjoy this new feature and are very excited to see tons of Jaggy Race!’s screens all over the social networks.

Stay Tuned!

Press Release – Red Stripe Deals – 日本語

WindowsのRed Stripe Dealsでインディー重力プラットフォームレーサーゲームJaggy Race!が66%割引。


Microsoftによって選ばれたインディー2.5Dスピード-プラットフォーム/カートレーシングゲームJaggy Race!が近日公開予定のWindows8.1、Windows Phone 8.1バージョン用のMicrosoft Red Stripe Dealsの公式プロモーションの一環として、お得な価格で登場。

このバージョンは人気のPlayStation Mobileバージョンのダイレクトポートで、最近のすべてのアップデートと視覚効果も含まれています。ユニバーサルアプリとしてすべてのWindows8.1対応デバイスとの互換性があり、一度購入されると、PC、Windows PhoneまたはWindowsタブレットでプレイ可能で、キーボードとタッチインプットが提供されます。(デバイスによります)

Jaggy Race!はすでにPlayStation MobileとVita Playerのウエブサイトで9/10のスコアを獲得、そして”プレイした中でPSMゲームとして最高なだけではなく、PS Vitaとしてレギュラーリリースができるほどのゲームで、バラエティに富み、ハードゲーマーも満足できるほど長時間の耐久性あり。この内容にして驚きの価格で、購入する価値あり”と言われるほど大好評です。

Red Stripe Deals上で2015年5月28日から6月3日の間掲載され、価格は以下の通りです。

定価 300円

セール価格 100円


Windows ストア:

Windows Phone ストア:

Jaggy Race!の詳細についてはこちらで。http://www.tiz777.com/


Press Release – Red Stripe Deals

Price cut of 66% for Indie gravity platform racer game Jaggy Race! as part of Windows Red Stripe Deals


Selected by Microsoft the indie 2.5D speed-platform/kart racing game Jaggy Race! is set for a major price drop as part of an upcoming official Microsoft Red Stripe Deals promotion for the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 versions of the game.

This version of game is a direct port of the PlayStation Mobile version of the popular title and includes all of the recent updates and visual enhancements. Compatible with all suitable Windows 8.1 enabled devices as a universal app, once purchased you will be able to play the game on your PC, Windows Phone or Windows tablet and offers keyboard and touch input (device dependent).

Jaggy Race! has already been critically acclaimed on the PlayStation Mobile and the website Vita Player rated the game 9/10 and said that “… it’s not only one of the best PSM games that I have played but one that could stand up on its own as a regular PS Vita release… Offering plenty of variety and more than enough longevity to keep even the most hardened of gamers happy, this represents incredible value for money. An essential purchase.”

The Red Stripe Deals will run between 28th May 2015 until 3rd June 2015 and the pricing for the game is as follows:

Original price:
2.99 USD / 2.29 GBP / 2.99 EUR / 300 JPY / 18.50 CNY / 3.20 CHF

Sale price:
0.99 USD / 0.79 GBP / 0.99 EUR / 100 JPY / 6.00 CNY / 1.10 CHF

The game is available from:
Windows Store:

Windows Phone Store:

Further details on Jaggy Race! can be found at http://www.tiz777.com/jaggy-race/

The Press Kit can be downloaded from:
http://www.tiz777.com/img/JaggyRace/JaggyRacePressKitEssential.zip (17.7 MB)
http://www.tiz777.com/img/JaggyRace/JaggyRacePressKit.zip (70.0 MB)

Microsoft selected Jaggy Race! for Red Stripe Deals

It’s now definitely confirmed: Jaggy Race! for Win and Win Phone will soon take part to the Red Stripe Deals promotion!!


Stay tuned and remember to share this great news with all your friends!

Many thanks for your support!

Freevi #W3DC Public Vote

We’re near the end of this great 3D journey! The final public vote is here, and will define the winners of the #W3DC contest!

This is also a huge opportunity to get founds to start our next game!

What can you do to help us?

Just vote for Jaggy Race! in 2 simple steps:

  1. Login with your Facebook account or create an account (just name and email are requested)
  2. Vote for Jaggy Race!:

… and last, but not least, let all your friends know about your vote! :)


Thank you very much for your support and stay tuned!

Jaggy Race! 3D is becoming a reality!

After about three weeks, and lots of tweaks, Jaggy Race! is now running pretty smooth and looks amazingly good on the Freevi FlightDeck 3D tablet!

The direct porting from PS Vita and integration of the original 3D SDK, resulted with a frame rate of about 15FPS. Now, also thanks to the Freevi developer community, Jaggy Race! is running at a pretty solid 25FPS. Compared to the normal 60FPS that we’re used to see it running, it doesn’t seems that much, but you have to see it running on this gorgeous 3D display, I quickly changed my opinion: it’s simply amazing!

For now that’s all! Development continues by testing and improving the game to get the best out of the 3D display.

To get a first idea of how Jaggy Race! looks in 3D, enjoy these stereoscopic screens directly taken from the tablet! ..of course you need a 3D screen to see them correctly :)

Lastly, some note related to the screens:

  • FPS are related to the “split view”, when the 3D display is active it drops to 25FPS.
  • the first of these screens does have HUD active, when looking at it in 3D the HUD looks stretched and overlapped because the image is entirely projected in 3D, that obviously won’t happen when the game is running on the Flightdeck
  • The small 3-cubes icon on top-left of the screens, will be disabled on the final version, this is just part of the Freevi SDK made by InS3D.com
  • Yes I know, it’s time to buy Unity Pro full version.. :)



3D_Screens__17 3D_Screens__16 3D_Screens__15 3D_Screens__09 3D_Screens__07 3D_Screens__02

New Year, New Platforms!

Hi everyone and a Happy New Year!

We started to port Jaggy Race! to Windows (Windows Store) and Windows Phone too. There is still no release date set, but we guess the first version will already be released in the first quarter of the year.

During the first tests on a Nokia Lumia 625 we were very impressed seeing Jaggy Race! running very very smooth on it!

Furthermore, we are very excited to announce that we won a Flightdeck 3D Tablet, therefore we’ll participate to the Freevi 3D Challenge by porting Jaggy Race! to this new 3D tablet.

Stay tuned to get the latest news and again: we wish you a fantastic and prosperous 2015!!

Jaggy Race! Update 2 (v1.21) – PS Vita TV Support!

New update is coming!

As the title says: this is the PS Vita TV update!

From development point of view, it was really easy to implement it, I had just to activate the PS TV flag, build the app and the game was already running on my PS TV console!

Lot of excitement, but we weren’t completely satisfied. Something was wrong.. The game runs really well, but on a big screen it seemed all too big. Solution? Yes! Use a wide angle lens to avoid that, and it works really really well!

In this new version we replaced “Easy camera” option with “Wide angle” option (activated by default) which gives you a wider view that fits perfectly for your PS TV and of course this new experience runs also very well on the PS Vita too!

In a snapshot, this update contains:

  • PS Vita TV support!
  • Wide angle view option (instead of “Easy camera” option)
  • Normal view is now also slightly wider than before
  • Twitter & Web buttons moved to credits GUI
  • Credits updated
  • Change language bug fixed

Finally, to give you a better idea of the difference using the wide view, check out the following screens.

Normal viewWideAngle1_1 WideAngle2_1 WideAngle3_1 WideAngle4_1
Wide angle viewWideAngle1_2WideAngle2_2WideAngle3_2WideAngle4_2