TIZ777 is an indie video game development studio based in southern part of Switzerland.

We make portable games trying to keep things simple and aiming to deliver games for casual to hardcore gamers on multiple platforms, thanks to Unity 3D.


Who’s TIZ777?

Tiziano Bizzini

Father, husband, part-time IT consultant and administration employee was born in 1977 in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland. Graduated as Bachelor of Software Engineering in 2007 at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Italian Switzerland (SUPSI). He began video game development in the same year working on an educational video game for SUPSI .
Co-creator of jAggy Race (AeroDrift) for iOS, developer (code and arts) of TWO minimal, and “Porter” of Jaggy Race!


Stefano Zollinger

Was born in 1980 in Locarno, began his training at the CSIA as a draftsman of furniture where he meets the CAD and 3D modeling. Therefore undertakes a career of polygraph and then specialized to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Italian Switzerland with a Bachelor in Visual communication in 2008. He currently works as a graphic designer and typographer in a small firm in Muzzano. He’s dad, husband and Mac addicted!
He donated a “bit ‘of polygons and pixels” to Jaggy Race! to make it cool!


Thanks for reading about TIZ777.